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Our Creation

Marlene Murphy, Founder of SOS
Marlene Murphy, Founder

SOS Web Design LLC, located in Linden, Michigan was started in 2000 with the primary mission of assisting small local businesses with computer training and application development to streamline their office operations, inspiring our name, "Streamlined Office Solutions" which was shortened to SOS Web Design.

Initially we provided training and application development, but creating websites soon became our core business. In this age of high tech communication, working out the details of creating a client's website can be accomplished through email, fax, and the telephone. We have created many websites for clients around the country we have never met in person.

Our team now includes professional copy writers, a leading jewelry industry writer, social media experts, a renown jewelry photographer and expert programmers to make your site dynamic and engaging. We also specialize in websites created exclusively for the jewelry trade.

Visit our Design Gallery for a look at some of the sites we've created.

Our Mission

To design and develop quality websites which:
  • are reasonably priced and affordable for small businesses
  • meet web standards
  • are easy to navigate
  • mobile device friendly
  • load quickly
  • are scaleable (can grow and expand over time as your business grows)
  • are easily updated/modified/maintained (whether by the client or us)
  • rank in the top of major search engines

Our Philosophy

We believe in providing exceptional service to our customers by:
  • Listening to and responding immediately to our customer's needs and wants.
  • Never making commitments or promises we can't keep.

Our Experience

Database application development and graphic arts training combined with extensive sales and marketing experience enable us to provide a complete web site package to assist our clients in promoting their products and services...whether they operate a brick-and-mortar storefont or a home-based business.

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