Web Site Services and Rates

Web Site Services and Rates

Certified by SEO in Practice
Certified by SEO in Practice

Full Service Web Developer

Years of experience in sales and marketing combined with our ongoing research and implementation of the latest technoloqies enable us to provide the best web experience for your potential clients and create an effective venue to promote your products or services designed specifically for your unique target market.

Web Site Design and Development Services

All our Web Sites include these valuable services to maximize your web site investment.

  • Market Research
  • Design and Development
  • Compliance with Web Standards and Accessibility
  • Search Engine Optimization to maximize your Search Engine exposure
  • Search Engine Registration and Promotion
  • Web Site Statistics to track the effectiveness of your web site sales efforts
  • Complete documentation, files and images for your records

Creating Your New Web Site - Step by Step

Developing a new web site can seem like an overwhelming prospect but like many other paths to success, by taking it a step at a time it all comes together in the end!


  • We meet with you (in person or via phone) to learn about your business and discuss your immediate goals and objectives as well as long-range plans for your web site.
  • After analyzing your unique business requirements and conducting market research we offer suggestions and ideas on how to achieve your goals and reach your web site objectives.
  • This is the point where you decide what features and information will be included in your new web site and what future enhancements, if any, might be anticipated.
  • You will also decide whether you will want or need to update your site yourself. You may want to be able to change a section on the home page to announce weekly sales or monthly specials or just company news. Perhaps you want to be able to add images to a photo gallery. We can set up your site to enable you to make your own changes yourself, saving you time and money. And by the way, all changes are made through a web browser control panel - no need to purchase or learn new software!
  • If you will be selling online (eCommerce) you will need to decide which payment processing gateway will work best for you within your budget.

Gathering Assets

  • During this period we enlist your help in gathering information you want included on your site, such as photographs, content text (perhaps from existing brochures or ad campaigns), information about you, your business, your processes, contact information and so on.
  • We will conduct market research and make suggestions for your site design and content.
  • During this process we will create a storyboard or "wireframe" visually outlining how your site will navigate and function. You will have the opportunity to review the storyboard. At this stage we can add, remove or realign features before creating the actual graphic design layout.


  • You will select from up to three design layouts
  • Hosting and eMail addresses will be set up
  • During the development period you will be able to view our progress at a private URL (web address) and request minor revisions.
  • Your site will be constructed with a consistent look, intuitive navigation, and will be optimized during the development for search engine results. This means coding will be written to web standards and selected search keywords will be included in the layout and text copy.
  • Prior to "going live" your site will be tested, analysed and validated to ensure that it meets web standards.


  • Your web site goes "live" and is now viewable by the public, internet surfers, potential customers, and search engines.
  • You get a press release to publicize your new web site.
  • You get a notebook binder with your site information such as usernames and passwords, links to site statistics, instructions on setting up Outlook or Outlook express email, and a cd with all of your site files and images.

Promotion & Marketing

  • We create a special type of sitemap just for search engines to make it easy for them to index all the pages of your web site.
  • We submit the search engine sitemap to the major Search Engines, like Google and Yahoo, that do not charge a listing fee.
  • You will receive weekly web traffic analysis reports on your website traffic - such as the number of visitors, what pages they looked at, and other details to help you with your web site market strategies.
  • We also offer suggestions on how you can promote your site yourself.

Maintenance and Future Enhancements

  • Because the Coldfusion® platform we use for our web site construction is highly scalable and easily implemented and maintained, enhancements can be easily and quickly added in the future as your business model or needs change.
  • If you elect to utilize a "Content Management System" (CMS), you will be able to make most maintenance changes yourself. If you prefer to leave the details of website maintenance to us, we charge a nominal hourly rate or a maintenance contract is available.

Custom Rates

Each custom web site is unique and features can vary. As a rule of thumb, our custom sites start as low as $895 with the average cost of a full-featured site around $3500. This includes the items in the planning, development, and implementation stages described above for a standard site in which you provide the content and photos. We will conduct minor editing of copy and optimizing your photos for the Web. We also offer an economy web site for our budget-conscious clients.

Because we build dynamically generated pages for eCommerce type sites, that means there will be one page created to display the details of a product - not a separate page for each item you're offering for sale...so if you have 300 items for sale, we create only ONE page, not 300! The information displayed on the ONE detail page is pulled from a database and changes dynamically with each item. Another advantage of database driven, dynamically generated sites is that you can easily make changes to pricing, descriptions and photographs of your product when your inventory changes...eliminating additional expense for updating your product line!

We charge $75.00 per hour plus expenses for additional services such as shooting digital photos, rewriting large amounts of content, and providing marketing assistance.

These rates are to be used as a guide. Because each web site is unique we will present a detailed proposal with timelines and rates.

At SOS Web Design we recognize the value of referral business and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Extra Features included in all custom websites FREE

  • Site Map to help Google and other Search Engines index all the pages in your site faster and sooner.
  • Privacy Statement Page to instill web site visitors' confidence in your web site credibility
  • Custom error page which will display instead of the standard error page if someone tries to access a non-existent page on your website.
  • Favicon - this is a unique icon for your web site which will display when your visitor bookmarks your site as a "favorite".
  • Google Local - if you have a brick and mortar business, we will register your site with Google local which displays a description of your business, special features and a map.
  • Google Analytics marketing and traffic analyses

Website on a Budget Rates

If you are on a tight budget, willing to invest some time and need to get a web site up and running for a minimal cost - consider our pre-designed template package. You choose a pre-designed layout template, provide the content, and we do the work!

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